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The Party Committee Center Group in the School of Mechanical Engineering Seriously Study the Spirit of the Conference on Ideological and Political Work in Universities and Colleges and the Important Speeches Made by Secretary-General Xi Jinping

Time: 2017-03-31 News source : Browsing number:

According to the spirit of [2017] No.14 document, “Study Plan of Party Committee Center Group of Jiangsu University in the first half of 2017”, issued by Party Committee of Jiangsu University, Party Committee Center Group of School of Mechanical Engineering studied the spirit of the conference on ideological and political work in universities and colleges and the important speeches made by Secretary-General Xi Jinping at the conference room of Mechanical School on the morning of March 29th.

Zhou Jianzhong, secretary of the Party Committee, firstly led us to carefully study the spirit of the conference on ideological and political work in universities and colleges and the important speeches made by Secretary-General Xi Jinping. Closely linked to the development and the historical mission of colleges and universities in China, the important speeches made by Secretary-General Xi Jinping profoundly expounded the important position and role of the ideological and political work, emphasized that the ideological and political work of colleges and universities concerns the fundamental problems about what kind of people to cultivate, and how to and for whom to cultivate, and stressed that it should take the morality education as a key point and conducted the ideological and political work throughout the entire process of education so as to achieve the all-round education. In order to stress the morality education and develop our university to a world-class one, it is necessary to firmly grasp the core of improving the ability of personnel training and then boosting other works on this basis.

Then, Secretary Zhou Jianzhong stressed that we should deeply understand the significance of strengthening and improving the ideological and political work in colleges and universities, adhere to the principle of socialism to run schools, take the improvement of students’ ideological and political quality and the construction of teachers’ team as important tasks and take the reformation and innovation of ideological and political work as basic requirements. Besides, to conduct fruitful and effective ideological and political work, we should fully understand the special importance and urgent reality of ideological and political work, enhance the ideological understanding further to address the problems about “what kind of person to cultivate, and how to and for whom to cultivate” as well as the two fundamental issues that “what kind of university to run and how to run a good university”. We should cultivate and carry forward the socialist core values perseveringly according to the requirements of “four serves” thoughts and “four perseverance”, put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping, so as to carry out the correct political direction and value throughout the process of educating people. To effectively enhance the political consciousness and levels of ideological and political work as well as comprehensively improve ability of personnel cultivating in our university, we should improve ideological education and follow the correct value, strive to achieve improvement in education and enhance the guidance in the service, and lead teachers behave, study and teach with morality. In addition, we should guide students to forge faiths and ideals, master rich knowledge and temper their noble characters to strengthen the “four self-confidence” of teachers and students. After that, Deputy Secretary Pan Hongjun stressed that ideological and political works in colleges and universities must focus on students, care about students and serve students, that is, all works are for students. In daily life and studies, we should make changes based on specific issues, make progress as time goes by and innovate according to the present situation. We should carry out our work with purpose, help students to constantly improve their ideological levels, political consciousness, moral quality and cultural literacy, so that students can possess both political integrity and ability and become comprehensively developed talents. In the heated discussion, participants united their thinking and recognized that the education of colleges and universities must adhere to the direction of socialism and the higher education must serve people, serve the government of Chinese Communist Party, serve the consolidation and development of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and serve the reform and openness as well as socialist modernization.

Secretary Zhou also emphasized that we should uphold the leadership of the Party, strengthen the leadership of the Party in the work of colleges and universities, play the important role of grassroots party organizations and constantly improve the leading group’s level of the ideological and political work so as to form a work pattern that leaded by the party committee and co-managed by all departments in all aspects and to achieve the aim of establishing the “double first-class” university.

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