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The "Big Eye" Public-service Team of Jiangsu University Held the Eighth Teach-in Successfully

Time: 2017-03-16 News source : Browsing number:

On the evening of March 9th, the public-service team "Big Eye" held the eighth teach-in in the lecture room of Jiangsu University. Pan Hongjun, the Institute Deputy Party Secretary in the School of Mechanical Engineering gave an opening speech and He Xinfeng, the director of Committee of Next Generation Care, Chen Guoqiang, minister of Youth League Committee, Zhang Hao, the principal of the local primary school-Zhong Ou Guang Cai School and the instructors of "Big Eye" team attended this activity. Every summer, members of "Big Eye" meet together in the rural schools to teach poor students. Their eight years support is only for caring the most beautiful "Big Eye".

The teach-in reviewed the eight years progress of teaching activities of the "Big Eye" with a short video "recalling the past” about the team leaders and members. The rural school’s principal, volunteers and students are interviewed to share their valuable teaching experience and memories. Besides, the team members also recite poems to deliver the inner dreams of children who live in rural mountains as well as the desires of those "Big Eye". When the song "Chong Er Fei" sung by the students of rural schools echoing in the lecture room, the students and teachers applauded again and again.

Trying its best to change the local completely, the "Big Eye" has gone through eight years with the idea of "root in one place, change one place". During the spare time, the team members also conduct in-depth investigation about the stay-at-home children, carry out the caring work, establish the poor students’ database to support them, document children’s developments and find social resources to help the rural school’s construction. The next step of "Big Eye" public-service team is to recruit new members. We hope the young people who want to seed their love in the teaching volunteer activities join us and pass on their seeds of love.

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