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The School of Mechanical Engineering Held the Academic Guidance Lecture

Time: 2017-06-04 News source : Browsing number:

The School of Mechanical Engineering held the Academic Guidance Lecture in Room 2110, Sanshan Building. Doctoral Supervisor Wang Quan is the keynote speaker and the students from mechatronic engineering in grade 2016 attended the lecture.

At the lecture, Professor Wang introduced operating priciple and application background of the typical micro electro-mechanical devices from three fields including consumer electronics,automotive electronics products and national defense and military. He posed several questions about the thermal convection acceleration sensor that is widely used in consumer electronics as the start of the lecture, which attracted the attention of students and promoted the interaction. Then, Professor Wang introduced an acceleration sensor for automotive airbags and an integrated sensor for automotive tire pressure monitoring systems. At last, He presented a high-g piezoresistive acceleration sensor for the military field, unmanned aircraft and micro satellites, etc.

The aim of this lecture is to help students learn about the  micro-electromechanical technology, inspire them to explore the interest in the field of micro devices research. This lecture deepen the students' understanding of the professional, and further broaden the horizons of the students, help students to better plan their own development.

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