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Department of Machine Manufacture Held the Teacher-Student Forum of the Mid-term Teaching Inspection in Academic Year 2016-2017

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In order to strengthen the grooming and supervision of teaching work, to promote the communication between teachers and students and the quality of teaching, with the requirments and arrangement of mid-term teaching inspection from university and schools , Department of Machine Manufacture held the undergraduate teacher-student forum with Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automation Specialty (including Outstanding Class) with all grades on May 3th, 2017. Department Party Branch Secretary Zhang Chaoyang, Department Deputy Director Wang Houxiao and Wang Zhi, Professor Li Xincheng, Professor Zhangjie, Secretary Liu Chenxi and more than 30 students attended this forum.

On the forum, student representatives expressed their opinions actively and put forward a lot of problems and suggestions about education and teaching, student training, practical teaching, student working and so on. Teachers answered the questions and give affirmation to the reseanable suggestions and encourage students to study professional basic theoretical knowledge well, to improve their ability and quality comprehensively and wish them to become the highly competent and versatile talents in accordance with the time and social development.

This forum further enhanced the good communication and interaction of teachers and students in the department. Throug this forum, teachers further know the students traning during this semester and the practical problems and difficulties that students encountered in learning and life, which is benificial for teachers to improve the working ideas and methods constantly, and promote our teaching and many other aspects of work carried out well.

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